Work and Worship in Zimbabwe - an introduction to rural life in Central Zimbabwe

Tenda Mwari (Thank God) sung by the Youth Choir of St Cuthbert’s,  Gweru
St Patrick’s High School includes interviews with pupils about their hopes for the future
St Luke’s Kwekwe:  extract from an open air service at Kwekwe Hospital
Work & Worship in Zimbabwe Tenda Mwari St Patrick's High School Kwekwe Service Extract

About the Link

The Link is run by a team in the UK led by Rosemary Kempsell and Rev Len Abrams, under the auspices of the Bishop of Croydon and a team in Central Zimbabwe led by Rev Austin July, under the auspices of Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda.

In a partnership where the economic situation is so unequal, it is inevitable that funding plays a major part, and together we work hard to administer and monitor this in as responsible way as possible. However we are constantly trying to move beyond a donor/receiver relationship to one where friendship is the key ingredient.

Our activities are largely decided by the Zimbabwe end of the partnership. At the Croydon end we try to respond to their needs and priorities and work to their timing, rather than imposing our own.

UK Link Team representatives meet with the Zim Link Team in Gweru