Work and Worship in Zimbabwe - an introduction to rural life in Central Zimbabwe

Tenda Mwari (Thank God) sung by the Youth Choir of St Cuthbert’s,  Gweru
St Patrick’s High School includes interviews with pupils about their hopes for the future
St Luke’s Kwekwe:  extract from an open air service at Kwekwe Hospital
Work & Worship in Zimbabwe Tenda Mwari St Patrick's High School Kwekwe Service Extract

St Patrick’s Mission

The mission is sited in a rural area about 1 hours travel from Gweru, much of it on a very rough dirt road. (Click to see aerial view) Nevertheless it is a major focus for the whole diocese. Included on site are the High School and Primary School, a farm, a clinic, a diocesan retreat centre, housing for teachers, clinic staff, and other support staff, as well as a church serving the surrounding area. There is now a new priest in charge Rev Wonder Nyoka – a big responsibility for a young man.

St Patrick’s Clinic

The clinic serves a wide rural community as well as the many children and workers on site. Of its small staff, only two or three are qualified nurses and it has no doctor. The clinic is being developed into a hospital and the building has now got to the point where the roof of phase one is being completed.  A mortuary with full refrigeration facilities was opened in 2009 – one of very few functioning across the whole diocese.

St Patrick’s Farm

The mission has a large area of farm land, most of it undeveloped because of financial constraints and because it is not fenced.  The farm has a thriving pig-unit and some cattle as well as a maize grinding machine, used for the school and for the local community. There is now a full-time (female) farm manager:  Kudakwashe Khuyumani Mutetwa, who has plans to revitalise the vegetable growing and the poultry unit.

Diocesan Retreat Centre

This provides accommodation for visitors, for individual retreats and for diocesan conferences, with each parish having equipped its ‘own’ bedroom. There is a meeting room, and a new chapel as part of the centre (as well as the parish church elsewhere on site).