Work and Worship in Zimbabwe - an introduction to rural life in Central Zimbabwe

Tenda Mwari (Thank God) sung by the Youth Choir of St Cuthbert’s,  Gweru
St Patrick’s High School includes interviews with pupils about their hopes for the future
St Luke’s Kwekwe:  extract from an open air service at Kwekwe Hospital
Work & Worship in Zimbabwe Tenda Mwari St Patrick's High School Kwekwe Service Extract

Over the last few years the Link has necessarily been about helping out in a crisis. Even when times were at their hardest, good contacts enabled us to provide help including:

●   supplements for clergy stipends

●   maize and maize grinder for high school

●   cement for clinic buildings

●   food hampers for clergy and diocesan staff

●   fuel for transport

The emphasis has now changed to supporting initiatives enabling the diocese to become self-sufficient, such as:

●  project management training

●  St Patrick’s farm pig unit

●  Harben Pk Horticultural unit

Further to this we continue to support ongoing diocesan humanitarian projects:

●  development of St Patrick’s hospital

●  new classrooms for rural primary schools

●  PathAids orphan support programme

Another key activity is visits to and from Zimbabwe, with at least one each way per year.