Work and Worship in Zimbabwe - an introduction to rural life in Central Zimbabwe

Tenda Mwari (Thank God) sung by the Youth Choir of St Cuthbert’s,  Gweru
St Patrick’s High School includes interviews with pupils about their hopes for the future
St Luke’s Kwekwe:  extract from an open air service at Kwekwe Hospital
Work & Worship in Zimbabwe Tenda Mwari St Patrick's High School Kwekwe Service Extract

Croydon Zimbabwe Link

A Partnership between the Croydon Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Southwark and the Anglican Diocese of Central Zimbabwe

The Link is headed by the Bishop of Croydon who keeps in frequent contact with the Bishop of Central Zimbabwe. It is run by a volunteer Link Team together with a similar group in Central Zimbabwe.

The Croydon Zimbabwe Link is a two-way thing.

At these difficult times in Zimbabwe’s history, our partnership with them can and does make a great deal of difference, not just to them but also to us. We can help them in providing practical support for the projects they are undertaking (aid given via the Link goes directly to vital accountable projects, with no overheads taken off) and by encouraging them in their hope for the future. They can help us by sharing with us their faith, love, joyful worship and a real day-to-day trust that often puts ours to shame.  

Bishop Ishmael and Elizabeth

What the Link can do practically for Zimbabwe is only a drop in an ocean of need. That is why the highest priority has to be prayer. At this time Zimbabwe needs our prayers like never before.  And we need theirs!

Confirmation Service at Zhombe